Barbie Loves G.I. Joe

Maria T Comedy
Maria Tucker


Somethings wrong with Barbie

She is tired of Ken
She just saw G I Joe, with his army of men
Ken fully agrees, that Barbie should go
Ken is coming out of the closet    
and HE wants G.I. Joe
     With Barbie gone, Ken must confess
     He really wants to wear her red fiesta dress
CH. Barbie loves G.I. Joe and Ken is gay
When they get together it's a bit risqué 
So begins the strange toy courtship
Cause everyone loves Joe for his kung fu grip
Barbie takes G.I. Joe to her pink dream house
G.I. Joe tells men its their new hideout
Ken goes to the dream house to see about the noise
In his new fiesta dress, he's a hit with all the boys
CH. Barbie loves G.I. Joe and Ken is gay
And now a dozen Barbies are coming out to play
Joined with the X-Men, the Hulk and all his crew
All the action figures, they want some action too
It's not what you're thinking
It's not what you suspect
There's nothing going on here
Because none of them are anatomically correct

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