Schizo-Phonic Comic

by Maria T Comedy

Released 2017
Released 2017
Smart musical comedy that combines rock, pop and country influences with funny, absurd and thought provoking humor.
  • 02:01
    Home Depot
  • 02:10
    Google You
  • 02:15
  • 02:32
    Road Rage
  • 02:25
    I Love My Job
  • 02:09
    My High Heels Need Training Wheels
  • 02:20
    I Go out Shopping
  • 02:22
    Love Potion
  • 01:53
    Christmas Is Obsolete
  • 02:42
    Say Something (I'm Throwing Up)
  • 00:28
    If I Die Dumb
  • 01:50 Lyrics
    Barbie Loves G.I. Joe

    Somethings wrong with Barbie

    She is tired of Ken
    She just saw G I Joe, with his army of men
    Ken fully agrees, that Barbie should go
    Ken is coming out of the closet    
    and HE wants G.I. Joe
         With Barbie gone, Ken must confess
         He really wants to wear her red fiesta dress
    CH. Barbie loves G.I. Joe and Ken is gay
    When they get together it's a bit risqué 
    So begins the strange toy courtship
    Cause everyone loves Joe for his kung fu grip
    Barbie takes G.I. Joe to her pink dream house
    G.I. Joe tells men its their new hideout
    Ken goes to the dream house to see about the noise
    In his new fiesta dress, he's a hit with all the boys
    CH. Barbie loves G.I. Joe and Ken is gay
    And now a dozen Barbies are coming out to play
    Joined with the X-Men, the Hulk and all his crew
    All the action figures, they want some action too
    It's not what you're thinking
    It's not what you suspect
    There's nothing going on here
    Because none of them are anatomically correct
I will go ahead and tell you that most of my songs are based on true stories. We've all had those funny things happen to us but when I moved to Nashville as a songwriter, I started getting a whole lot of material. Now Nashville is a friendly place. I was meeting a lot of people, some were fun, some were funny and some were just strange and interesting characters. But it wasn't just people. Weird things and weird situations started becoming normal for me. This was definitely a change from the ordinary life, it kept me laughing as I caught a boyfriend trying on my dress and panty hose, a few cases of road rage, and I found a place that I could shop and date at the same place.
The first rule of writing is to write what you know. These funny, strange happenings turned into funny, stupid, absurd songs were being requested.
My songs are a culmination of thinking too much, a warped sense of humor and having a tune stuck in my head.

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