Maria T Comedy - A human magnet for the funny-weird-lol strange, singer, songwriter, and piano picker

A few years ago, a singer and songwriter packed her suitcases and moved from Florida’s Gulf Coast to Nashville, Tennessee to learn the true art of writing a song.

She played her original country songs on stage and would occasionally throw in a funny song she had just written about a recent oddball encounter or something pretty strange that had just happened to her. Soon, her funny songs were being requested.

And here’s what she learned - write about what you know.

So instead of trucks, cowboy boots, love songs and ballads, Maria stuck to what she knew: the LOL!What was that?! Strange and funny of every day life!


These strange, but funny situations, such as bad jobs, strange boyfriends and late night, on-line shopping have helped Maria to create her specialized niche of musical comedy. 

For more information, please contact Maria at maria@mariatcomedy.com. High-resolution photos and interview opportunities are also available upon request.

Maria T


"I don't hear voices, I hear tunes -- in my head

I'm not schizophrenic. I am Schizo-Phonic!"


Maria is a singer, songwriter and comic who throws an unexpected left hook into her songs to get you laughing and thinking.

Her real-life daily doses of odd happenings—from dating, Home Depot shopping (for more than just paint, if you catch my drift)—and the not-so-occasional road rage inspire her most requested songs.

Armed with a keyboard and one helluva vocal range, Maria captures the hearts and funny bones of audiences in comedy clubs across the southeastern U.S., from Zanies in Nashville, Comedy Catch in Chattanooga, and the Stardome in Birmingham. She also plays around Nashville at Belcourt Taps, The Commodore Grill, and The Bluebird Café.

Recently, a song that Maria co-wrote with Steve Goodie ranked #21 on the Dr. Demento’s “Top 25 Songs of 2015.”

Maria writes original songs, lyrics and music but she also dabbles in writing parodies.

“It’s like I have a radio station in my head. There is always a song playing. So, I mix their tune and whatever random thought is knocking around in my head for some sort of strange parody creation.”